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About Cochran Edwards Capital Partners, Inc.
Cochran Edwards Capital Partners, Inc. is an Investment Banking, M&A, and Strategic Advisory firm headquartered in Seattle Washington. The firm focuses almost exclusively on real estate-based projects in the hotel & resort, multi-family & condo conversion, commercial & mixed-use, sports & entertainment, alternative & renewable energies, infrastructure, and Native American gaming industries, as well as publicly traded companies. 

For decades, Cochran Edwards has provided investment banking services for publicly traded and private real estate holding companies. Our private equity, private banking, and private investment partners provide a wide array of opportunities for financing commercial property acquisitions and development with solid exit strategies. 

By maintaining personal relationships with family offices, private equity funds, private banks, private investment groups, high net worth individuals, mezzanine funds, commercial banks, hedge funds, merchant banks, venture capital funds, and other capital sources, Cochran Edwards’ professionals help clients effectively execute capital raising initiatives while striving to obtain the lowest cost of available capital. 

If your company is seeking Private Capital Markets funding, or if your Private Equity Group, Family Office, REIT, etc. is seeking more DealFlow, please contact Managing Partner, Dave Cochran, in Seattle @ 206-552-0665, or in Malibu @ 310-494-6196.  
Private Capital 'Worthy' Companies and Projects

​Having a strong leadership and executives directing a company make it a much more attractive private capital markets investment. Is your company or project prepared and organized to gain the necessary attention and interest that equity investors, bridge / mezzanine / senior lenders, and other private capital partners are looking for? Cochran Edwards is here to help you prepare for and attain this success.

As private capital markets partners are looking for the upcoming 5X-multiple deal, capital investors aren’t just looking for a company with a great solution, solid financials, and a loyal buyers. They’re looking for a company or project that has been developed and led by a an incredibly deep team, a group who can continue to grow the business and develop the project with newly injected capital and advisors behind them, as well as a management team that is motivated and capable of passing the baton to the next level of leadership in a seamless and empowering transition.

Cochran Edwards will give you that solid edge, the strategic focus, through proven programs to create appropriate barriers to existing and future competition. We will get your company or project on track with a strategic business plan and presentation of the company’s historic and/or forecasted financial performance, and begin to market the opportunity through a well-creafted mandate to targeted private capital markets partners.

​Confidence to deliver is what Cochran Edwards will help your company and project convey to the targeted private capital markets suitors. In addition to illustrating a cohesive dissemination of your business or project, its background, and its future, we'll help you illustrate the passion, proven persistence, the anticipated timely and critical growth opportunities, and the financial results that provide the private capital markets partner the necessary confidence to invest in your company or project.

​And further more, Cochran Edwards will clearly enhance the company or project principal's integrity about what’s right in communicating transparently and fairly with all of the stakeholders, including private capital markets partners, customers, employees, suppliers, etc. We'll solidify that the company and project team manages the private capital investments with integrity and demands the same from all partners and employees, to show that the company or project has the ability to deliver with peak performance.